Fleche-Heavy FontThe design is almost always requires extraordinary font. You may ask: what for to create fonts? And so they can be found by thousands on disk, on the Internet. But the search for the appropriate will take many hours, sometimes days or weeks. Another question is what kind of fonts they are and how they can be useful to you. There are too much bad fonts, unfortunately. Many type-designers beginners do not know how to draw, others have never sat down at the computer and have difficulties using a mouse. The third has a computer, but no money to buy expensive software. But all of them are driven by thirst to create something of their own. And that’s good. Another thing is that their way may not be easy. In the Internet you can find many companies and printing houses that create fonts.
FontHaus was founded in 1989 by Mark Solsburg and is the first independent font retailer in the US. FontHaus distributes fonts for the world’s major font foundries including Adobe, Bitstream, E+F, The Font Bureau, ITC, LucasFonts, Monotype, Linotype, Lucas, MvB Fonts, P22, URW and many others. We currently have over 75,000 fonts. All fonts sold by FontHaus are fully-licensed and meet the highest quality standards before release.
The FLECHE-HEAVY FONT is the font released by FontHaus. The only problem is that to get license for using it you need to pay. But what if you are the beginner designer and you do not have money to buy license? There is some solution. Click the download button and get FLECHE-HEAVY FONT absolutely for free!