05The third and the last book which tells the love story of Anastasia and Christian is Fifty Shades Freed. In the previous books it has been known that how they witnessed and the main characters are influenced with the personal growth and in the development of the relation. The story ended with logical ending. It has the passion and spicing up with thrills and action. The author of this story uses the literacy device for shifting the narration on time.

In the starting of the story the Ana starts dreaming in the day time by going through her wedding, but the reader cannot find that it is the reveries or real. In the whole story the same tool is used widely. The reader will jump from one moment to another scene which is very nice. This keeps the reader more interested. The user can download the pdf of this story from the website.


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  1. Fortunately, the trilogy is over. I can’t believe I‘ve read them all. If you haven’t, DON’T DO THAT! I can’t understand one thing, OK, the author thinks that it’s a kind of masterpiece, but what is about other people who reads it before publishing? Did you read it? If you want to read it because of BDSM and sex scenes just google them. Waste of time.

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