Everest Ewu 5dbn DriverWireless technologies little by little are replacing old technologies for various appliances that used wired connection for data transfer like telephones, computers, televisions and other. Nowadays a Wi-Fi module can easily ensure a 54Mbps speed, yet there exist hi-tech types of Wi-Fi modules that can go up to 300 or even 400Mbps! Notebooks and laptops were initially constructed to ensure portability unlike desktop computers. Their size and weight are initial pluses, but the major one is the integrated Wi-Fi module that can offer a fast connection to a local wireless network and thus accessing the internet. Simply put, laptops were meant for busy people that need their information always with and to have a permanent access to the internet to check on email or private messages.


In most cases Wi-Fi modules from a laptop functions properly without any signs trouble, yet some models tend to have compatibility problems with the installed system. For example the Everest EWU-5DBN is one of those modules. The wireless card itself is of standard quality and offers its users a stable 54Mbps speed of downlink and uplink. Users on Windows and Mac operating systems laptops in some cases with the Everest EWU-5DBN encountered some problems of connectivity; the card literally couldn’t transfer data from the router to the laptop at hand.

If you are one of those unlucky guys that has this problem don’t worry, from this website you can download a fresh version of the Everest EWU-5DBN driver. This driver will most likely solve the compatibility problem and you will get back surfing the internet. The download is 100% free!