Eurotherm 3216 ManualSchneider Electric SE is a European multinational corporation that specializes in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management. Eurotherm is a leading global supplier of control, measurement and data recording solutions and services to industrial and process customers. The company’s international reputation as a provider of innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of vertical markets is supported by engineering services designed to realize greater benefits to customers’ plant-wide assets. They are part of Schneider Electric, an electricity distribution, automation management and producer of installation components for energy management company. Product offerings fall into five main areas:
• Temperature and process controllers (including Industrial Indicators and using PID controllers)
• Data recorders and data acquisition systems
• Process automation
• Signal conditioning
• Power switching products manufactured by sister companies
The innovative EUROTHERM 3216 controller offers precision control of temperature and other process variables together with a host of advanced features not normally found in this class of controller. The emphasis is on simplicity and ease of use. A simple «QuickStart» code can be used to configure all the functions essential for controlling your process. It never was so easy to control the weather in the house before.
To learn more about features and parameters of the device download EUROTHERM 3216 MANUAL from the link after the post.


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