Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering by B.N. Dutta PDF

Estimating And Costing By B N Dutta PdfThe evolution of civil engineering has a history of over 6000 years, even back then people constructed majestic and complex building, some that were preserved up until our days. Nowadays civil engineering maintains a high importance. Cities tend to expand in horizontally and vertically, and for each type of structure is used a different approach.

Nowadays with the knowledge of civil engineering various companies can construct skyscrapers of one hundred floors or even more! Without proper technology and knowledge these building would be impossible to construct or they would simply collapse after some time. Therefore, civil engineering is a very important field of study and activity in our modern society where cities tend to extend and rural surfaces are getting deserted.


Estimating and costing by B.N. Dutta PDF free download

Besides knowing how to construct a certain structure, it is important to take into account the economic value of the project in case. Calculations of an optimal cost for a building, to make it profitable and qualitative at the same time! This knowledge has a big importance to the people on the top of each construction company, to build the building with minimum amount of finances and make it good at the same time.

The book “Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering” by B. N. Dutta is the book that describes this process. Each head construction civil engineer must know how to make profit out of his project and make it satisfying on all standards.

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