Epson Tm-T81 DriverA receipt printer is used to print receipts for business purposes. Receipt printers connect to a computer via an Ethernet cable, USB, serial, or parallel connection. There are also handheld receipt printers available to purchase that work wirelessly and do not need to be connected directly to a computer. The data that is printed is received from software that is downloaded onto a computer. The data is interpreted by the driver on the device and then printed by the receipt printer. There are several main types of receipt printers available on the market. The choice of which receipt printer to buy depends on factors such as how often the printer will be used, how fast the printer must be, and whether the receipt needs to be printed in different colors. The advantage of using thermal paper is that there are no messy ribbons to change. These printers are also very quiet and popular in establishments where a noisy printer could be an issue, such as a library, restaurants, cafes, and so on.
Epson produces inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, scanners, desktop computers, business, multimedia and home theatre projectors, large home theatre televisions, robots and industrial automation equipment, point of sale docket printers and cash registers, laptops, integrated circuits, LCD components and other associated electronic components. EPSON TM-T81 is the most durable and efficient thermal receipt printer from this brand.
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