Before you update to this version of the software, you must be using Windows 7 or higher. You would make the following connections:. This will cause the Stats to “Hold”. Register for an account. It IS a five year old thread, after all

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Post 1 made on Friday February 23, at This means we have the right connections, and according to the R manual: Simple tree structure thermostxt easy access to all controls.

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RC: Honeywell Envirocom protocol

I would bet that was why it was getting so hot in zones that werent calling for heat, I mean just a guess: Homelogic “programming” doesnt work this way. Then I have the Fans set to constant “ON” for the first 3 periods a day. Before you can reply to a message Monitor resolution – x or higher 10MB available hard disk storage Thermlstat Windows images and ‘Windows’ text are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

The safest thing would be to use a separate circuit with a relay, but that is far beyond the original scope so I won’t post how do to that unless necessary. You described it as terminal 4 but the diagram just shows two terminals labelled “T”, but that is fine: I found a manual for an EnviraCom device which shows terminals 2 and 3 are 24vac power:. Post 6 made on Friday March 23, at Or, if you already have an account, please login now.

If you want to circulate air, put in a ceiling fan. Which terminal do I therjostat the “C” wire to? The HVAC guys are saying that the fans need to run all the time to filter the air, and to even the temps out.

OP Post 4 made on Thursday March 22, at I have to assume he has collected his final by now, mosfetman. Windows XP, Windows and Windows Vista are no longer supported, starting with this version of the software.

You would make the following connections: Seems to me hhermostat if stats are holding while the fan is on, that interaction is either a honeywell bug in there firmware, or your programming introduced that confusion. This will cause the Stats to “Hold”.

PCConnect™ – Net/X-IP Command Center Software for RP32x & UP32x Thermostats

Choose Siftware or Pulse activation. Post 9 made on Saturday January 21, at So whats the deal with the Honeywell Envirocom? Sign up using Email and Password. My buddy’s reason is that thermoshat motors will wear out prematurely, and that is a service call.

The software also allows drag-n-drop copying of schedules, configurations, global settings, vacations and much more. Independently view and change the status of each relay.

Post 5 made on Friday March 23, at That may be a reason they are telling you to run them all the time.