Engineering Hydrology By K Subramanya PdfWater covers over 70% of all the planet’s surface and it is vital to understand its behavior and how it interacts with its surroundings.

Furthermore the water itself is the only element on our planet that can be seen in three different states: liquid, solid and gas. Hydrology is the science that studies the nature of water, its interaction with the atmosphere and lithosphere, also the processes and phenomenons which occur in these environments. The knowledge collected from this field can be used in various projects, for example thanks to hydrology with the help of engineering we’re constructed electric dams and hydrophobic plants, which generate electrical energy through the mechanical movements of water. There are many other examples that could describe various cases of how hydrology used its knowledge in engineering to bring to life perspective projects. Therefor was born the Hydrology Engineering, a subdivision of hydrology and engineering.

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A very good book for undergraduate students in this field or simply those whose hobby revolves around hydrology engineering is “Hydrology Engineering” by K. Subramanya. In this book the reader will find basic and advanced hydrology theory as well as its implementation in engineering. Various examples with detailed explanation are given to make the reader imagine about what is talking about in the book.

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