Egistec Es603 DriverFingerprint recognition is used in biometric identification systems of person. At the core of many biometric systems are located the fingerprint scanner.
With all the variety of biometric systems can be simplified to classify them and divide them into two types:
• convert a finger-in digital code using an optical sensor;
• convert a fingerprints through linear thermal sensor.
For the end user, the only difference is, what actions need to make every day with the scanner: put your finger or spend it on the sensor.
Manufacturers of scanners began producing compact scanners that can be connected to USB port. Scanners are mounted in business class notebooks, in keyboards and computer mice. Not so long ago, Apple has introduced in their smartphones new system of fingerprint recognition – Touch ID. Also, the fingerprint scanner was used in other companies producing branded smartphones.
Egis Technology Inc. is a leading sensor provider of fingerprint biometrics and data encryption, specializes in integrated turnkey solutions with an emphasis on sensor performance and software usability. EgisTec fingerprint solutions offer great security and convenience by enabling end-users to launch programs and documents with a simple swipe of the finger, thus relieving them from memorizing multiple password accounts.
You can find EGISTEC ES603 DRIVER at the link below this text. Just click the download button and use the scanner of fingerprint recognition for keeping your computer and data in safety.


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