If you want to make a back up copy of a DVD, you will find DVD Shrink to be a great tool. It can work in conjunction with any DVD burning and authoring software such as Nero to create ripping and shrinking of DVD’s. The output that you get from Shrink DVD can be saved on the hard drive of your computer. You can later burn it using any software like Nero. You can even burn your backup DVD, if you have the current version of Nero. In present times, the DVD titles being sold in the market are so large that they cannot fit on a single DVD. DVD shrink 3.1.7 free download takes care of this problem by shrinking the content on these DSVD titles so that they easily fit on a single DVD. It is able to achieve the task with the help of re-encoding and re-authoring. You can choose one of these options or even use a combination of the two to achieve maximum shrinkage of the DVD title. There are inbuilt algorithms for decryption in DVD shrink to achieve this objective. This is the reason you can copy the protected content on to the hard drive of your computer.


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