Dvb-Tt Surekh Marathi FontThroughout the internet and on the computer you can find a hefty number of fonts, but the problem is that most of them support European spoken languages, especially in English. For English language you can find a very big number of fonts, but when it comes to Indian or some other far East country, the amount of available fonts drastically drops. And in India’s case, there are 23 official sub-languages, therefor the number of fonts must be quite high to cover up all existing languages from the Indian territory. The absence of any font for Indian language will result the in the place of Indian letters the user will see squares, simply put the letters and characters won’t be represented.

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If you are a speaker of Marathi language, one of the 23 official languages of India, then you most likely found yourself in a situation that on some computers the letters of your native language didn’t represent, and in their place you saw squares. Here we’ve got an example that those computers didn’t have installed on them any kind of Marathi font. A good example of the Marathi font is the DVB-TT Surekh font. The DVB-TT Surekh in Marathi font is a standard represented typeface that has a traditional representation of Marathi letters and characters.

If you want to ensure a stable work of your computer with texts written in Marathi then its highly important to install some kind of font for Marathi language, like the DVB-TT Surekh. From my website you can download a full version of the DVB-TT Surekh in Marathi font by clicking on the button below. The download is 100% free!