1Winsock is eminent software through which the entire internet traffic merges. The short form of Windows Socket is Winsock. The data is passed in the form of packets. The software cannot be edited easily unless there is an external platform that allows a user to do the same. Winsock Packet Editor (WPE) is typical and popular software that allows a user to sniffle, send, edit and filter packets of data through Winsock.

This tool or software is required by the gamers who play multiplayer games and need to reorganize the Winsock for interruption-free gaming. WPE Pro free is the best solution that the gamers can afford for the particular purpose. This tool allows the modification of the packet values at the TCP level. The data are properly modified before the destination is reached. The packets can be even recorded and aptly analyzed. It is also used by testing applications (client and web) to establish proper socket connections.


WPE Pro free version is available online on various websites from where it can be downloaded and installed. The antivirus may recognize it as a Trojan but it will not harm the computer. The links are absolutely safe and do not contain any malicious content.

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