Doro Phoneeasy 618 ManualDoro is a listed Swedish company focusing on the development, marketing and sales of telecommunication and consumer electronics products and as well as more recently software adapted to the growing worldwide population of senior and elderly citizens. The company offers a wide range of easy-to-use devices. Important product categories include mobile telephones (2G and 3G enabled), surfing & reading pads, telecare products and software.
Doro’s phones are aimed at oldies, but not the type of oldies that are happy to use the latest iPhone or Android smartphones. Instead they’re targeted at people who struggle to use those types of phones either because they find them too complicated or they have limited dexterity in their fingers, suffer from poor eyesight or are hard of hearing. As such, the DORO PHONEEASY 618 is designed from the ground up to be as easy as possible to get the hang of. The DORO PHONEEASY 618 is your standard flip phone, though it feels solid and very well-made, which is especially impressive given its reasonable price. It’s available with a black, gray, or red exterior, with white interior accents across the board. The front of the 4.0-by-2.1-by-0.9-inch, 4.05-ounce phone has a striped pattern covered in a translucent, shiny plastic, while the back is made from plastic of the rubberized, grippy variety. It’s very comfortable to hold, whether open or closed.
Download the DORO PHONEEASY 618 MANUAL and learn more about it features and advantages.


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