On the the DMCA policy is used that performs the procedures set forth in 17 U.S.C Section 512. This policy includes a prompt respond to any attempt notices and the proper actions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If some of your data has been posted on, or if it contains links or information about your copyrighted files, and you want it to be removed from the website, you must contact us in written form by including detailed information of all the infringements. Please, be sure that you complete the complaint notice correctly, and that your resentment contains all the information needed to solve this problem. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for damages if you distort the information listed on our website that is infringing on your copyrights.

Use the following rules to complete the complaint notice:

  1. The right copyright infringement claim must be formed by the copyright owner or a legal representative with owner’s rights.
  2. All the needed materials and data, which are in disobedience with the law, must be indicated by the copyright owner.
  3. The complaint notice must contain your contact information (address, phone number) in order to communicate with you.
  4. The complaining party must give arguments, which prove that the use of their information is in the complained manner.
  5. Evidence of a legal representative, who is authorized to act in owner’s face of an exclusive right that is probably infringed.

We guarantee that all the necessary procedures will be taken immediately after we receive a valid notification about it. The procedure includes: a complaint notice or an e-mail confirming receipt of the notification. The offensive material will be removed within 10 business days, starting with the day, when we receive a proper notification. All the notification should be sent to: [email protected] (Contact Us)