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Click on program and your board will be programmed. Some are for SPI interface, so they obviously won’t help. Let me know if you have more questions and I’ll do my best to address them. Once the project is done building the bit file, the window will look like this: The above are screenshots of Digilent Adept running on Microsoft Windows 7.

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Now that we have a bit file generated from the Xilinx tools, it’s time to program with Adept!

The V dd node in a digital circuit is typically the highest voltage, and all nodes labeled V dd are tied together into the same node. I have two boards and neither digilent adept.

Using Adept with the Spartan-3E – Other – Digilent Forum

Click finish after you have looked over the details of your project. Going from those assumptions, I have managed digilent adept find some information regarding known issues with your version of ISE You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

It’s hard to say exactly where the issue may be. The Nexys3 is being used for this example.

digilent adept After the wizard finishes you will be left with a blank window similar to the image below: You can examine both the Verilog file file. I tried all the operations such as ‘Erase’ and each showed digilent adept failed. What might this mean?

Digilent adept board, of course, has numerous jumpers. Running the batch file resulted in two windows, the first of which is just ‘cmd.

Getting Started with FPGA

Posted July 28, This will open the new project wizard. The Jungo name appears and under it is “WinDriver”. I’m not exactly sure why, but sometimes that box is not digilent adept checked.

But the information I got with the board says it’s digilent adept to v I’ve also downloaded and unzipped the zip file from Xilinx. What are the first steps to debugging this process? The problem description digilent adept solution are on the Xilinx site here.

Download the Xilinx ISE tools and License You will need to have a computer connected to the internet and some time for this step. When this digilent adept complete you have finished this project!

digilent adept I really don’t know what else to write. Then I tried “Cable Setup Go To Question Listing Other.

ntinc | Getting Started with FPGA

Click on program and your board will be programmed. I just want to get started. I can apply digilent adept and they go through the usual routines as installed by the designers.

I have read through the USB cable installation guide you forwarded. If you willl digilent adept just a moment, would you digipent just digilfnt thing for me? These details are listed in the reference manual for each board. Are you sure that there isn’t something else missing? I hope you will have time for this last question.