Dialux Evo ManualDIALUX EVO program from the famous German company DIAL GmbH is today the best software for the calculation of external and internal illumination for a given type, number and location of various types of lamps. By using this program, you will be able to plan the lighting you will use in a room, scene or building. The program will be able to calculate and visualize the daylight, as well as letting you plan your lighting scenes, plan the color and intensity of the lights you will use, position on the project the emergency lighting, with the right legal number of luminaires, and many more. There are many features of the DIALUX EVO:
• Daylight: Perfect calculation and visualization.
• Planning with coloured light sources, colour filters and coloured materials.
• Interactive 3-D visualization: Simply move around the room.
• Photo realism: using an integrated ray tracing module.
• Results can be printed out or transmitted as a pdf file. Each view and each rendering can be saved as a .jpg file.
• With DIALux you can prepare photo realistic visualizations of your light planning and send them to your customers via email, or upload them to a server..
• Intelligent elements: Wall lights are always positioned correctly on the wall and the computer is always on the table.
• Step by step guides help with special questions on light planning.
• Available in 26 languages
Download DIALUX EVO MANUAL from the link for free and to create your virtual world will be simply and intuitively with DIALUX EVO!


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