I’m used to a full tower so that might be normal. Of course there may be adapters out there that are fine, I just haven’t seen any. Posted 15 November – Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. At least that’s what I get from Newegg.

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Even “crossfire” support doesn’t really interest me since I’m not aming to have a rig that can play dwll game at the most intense graphics. Posted 05 March – Posted 13 July – I didn’t have any problem activating it either.

I then pressed f6 to install the raid drivers that i got from the website. The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven’t got dimensiin. What will he computer be used for? Any help or advice is very much welcomed. I can’t even see the routher no gateway address.

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I’m used to a full tower so that might be normal. You should probably contact Dell Support. Most of the one’s I looked at, support it.

Otherwise, an external enclosure would be the most practical, I’d think. What I am afraid of is that I am not going to be able to find a motherboard that will support my pentium 4 HT which I’ve read is sometimes seen as dual core in some applications.

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It’s usually only used for printers. COM Port – low-speed serial data communications, used to communicate with an external device modem, printer, etc. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. SW Louisiana Local time: Siduction, the only way to do Debian Unstable Posts: Do you have room in your tower for dkmension more HDDs?

Dell Dimension Driver Support — Icrontic

I’m trying to install debian but it’s not detecting my hard drive. Motherboard Glossary Here’s a couple of tutorials, you might want to check out: This means I should probably get a new board. If I can’t do that, or doing so will severly hurt my ability to upgrade later, then forget it. It’s not even yet.

Dell 8400 SATA Driver

Aug edited Aug Looks like it is. Edited del tg, 12 November – What do folks think is my best bet? At least that’s what I get from Newegg.

I thought SATA drives need another type. Thanks for any help you can give!

Upgrading A Dell Dimension 8400?

I really controllee this dimension case – I have to fiddle with it every time I try to plug in my ipod or flash drive!. From what I understand micro atx is basically a smaller build of an atx?

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