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“Death of a Salesman” play by American writer Arthur Miller, written in 1949. It is considered the most significant work of the author, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, several awards of “Tony” and “Drama Desc” for the theatrical production. She made her debut on Broadway in February 1949; Since then 742 performances and four revived performances have been given.

The plot tells of the unfortunate salesman Willie Lomane. He receives a rather modest salary and, like other American inhabitants, has to pay a lot of credits all his life.

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This work is devoted to the inescapable loneliness of a person in the world where everything is sold, where sincere feelings and emotions are not in honor, love is confused with sex, and the mind – with a cynical business acumen.
A great play by the American playwright, it is absolutely understandable why she has been screened many times and in even more works of all genres and types there are references to her. The story of Willie Loman, gradually losing his mind and remembering his youth, and his family, who is trying to survive it. Everyone has their own fears, their aspirations, everyone has a past with mistakes that have remained without reflection, it is impossible to remain indifferent.


This is a story about choosing your path, about striving for good. Sometimes people do not want to hear the truth about themselves and do not want to tell it to themselves. Despite all the problems, the family remains with hopes for a bright future and this incorrigible optimism infects, causes empathy and pain.

Read and you will know yourself. You will see, as in a mirror, your life. It is very difficult, inexpressibly hard to admit to yourself that this is your life. If you manage to do this – it means it’s not too late, not everything is lost …

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