cs5-keygen-Adobe creative suit is a bundle of software that will enable a computer uses to perform a few different tasks such as graphic design, web development and video editing. Its latest version of CS 6 was released in May 2013. The previous version of CS5 was available at the end of April 2010. After this release was made some of the programs in this suit were only available for Windows based computers only in case they are of the 64 bit version. Therefore, if you are using a Windows based PC, you need to have one that is more modern than Windows Vista with which the 64 bit versions of Windows OS started. However, Adobe has announced that CS 6 is going to be the last version of the software bundle. But your CS 5 or CS 6 has enough advanced features to help you carry out any task they are designed for, with up to date technology. If you like to work with CS5 you have the option to download CS5 keygen here.