Cs2357 Ooad Lab ManualManual – is a technical document that describes the proper and safe use of the product. It is developed by a technician at the factory or by a certification center. Unlike other technical documents, manual is more voluminous document that includes more sections. The main topics that should be contained in the instruction manual:
• appointment
• technical characteristics
• completeness
• The principle of operation
• Safety precautions
• installation
• maintenance
• Possible problems and their solutions
• manufacturer’s warranty
• Information about the complaints
• Information about the packaging and transport
• Certificate of acceptance
• Certificate of entering into operation.
For the development of the document, it is desirable to provide the maximum technical device description (general view, drawings, scope, and completeness). Instruction manual is a mandatory document for technologically sophisticated and technologically dangerous production.
In principle, the instruction manual can be equipped with any product from the aluminum spoon up to intergalactic cruiser, if it will ever be built. In the field of information technology subject manuals usually becomes something or other equipment: a server, a printer, a payment terminal, ATM, and so on.
Operation of any equipment breaks down into two types of activities:
• target application;
• technical maintenance.
The CS2357 OOAD LAB MANUAL below contains all the information you need for the first year laboratory course. Download it from the link below absolutely for free!

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