What I don’t like is, when using the wheel to move to the next song, you must be VERY careful cuz it is sensitive, and you may actually go into the menu system rather than go to the next or previous song as desired. This one is good. The new series is good, but not in the way in which I use it. About this product Product Information This black Creative MB MP4 is exhilarating and sprightly, and it is ideal for taking music along with you while traveling or exercising. Batteries are so much more convenient. Turns out that Creative was just not that well known at the time, but the product is sterling.

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Turns out that Creative was just not that well known at the time, but the product is sterling. Show More Show Less. I was very happy to find one to replace crextive old, broken one.

I went looking for it on ebay because you can’t find it new anymore.

Creative MuVo V White (2 GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

Product Key Features Storage Capacity. I was creatife to locate this unit in “like-new” condition, with twice the memory of the unit it will replace. And skiing exposes mmuvo to shock, moisture and cold this was no bother. I use rechargeable AAA batteries and keep a couple with me at all times. This is a great product! You may also like. What I like is the control are easy to operate and understand. Skip to main content.

I wish they still made this model! This media device offers a battery life up to 18 hours and features such as Equalizer Controls, Voice Recorder.

Creative MuVo V Specs – CNET

Additional Product Features Battery Type. This is why I muvl like having a separate battery. If you push down on it, you go into the menu.

If you are lucky enough to find one, grab it.

Best audible book player I have used the Muvo for many years. This thing has everything you need.

Its easy ,uvo use and if you run out of battery power, you can just buy a new battery and keep going! Awesome – great value, separate battery, easy to use, voice recording great This is a great product!

Equipment operations subjects this device to shock and dust particles, neither were a problem. The files stay small because the resolution is low as it should be for voice recordings and you can record for over an hour. It has better signal-to-noise ratio than the ipod. Some are hard to operate after you plug in the headphone cuz it is to near the controls.

Creative MuVo V100 Black ( 2 GB ) Digital Media Player

It is very small and easy to carry around. Muvo is a great purchase for simple mp3 players. Apple iPod Classic gb 7th Gen Black Creative can you hear me?

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Old technology that features long battery life, is very good for songs or Audio Books. I listen to audio books in MP3 format. Show More Show Less.

The headphone jack is in a good place, and if you have had one of the awkward ones, then you know what I mean – You can hold this one and operate it with the headphone plugged in. V100 the problem is the door is so tiny and made from brittle plastic, I just KNOW this is going to break before long.