Or I have to turn everything off and back on to send the job to the cutter. Man August 9th, I am using a Mac OSX Neil April 17th, Louise shepphard August 9th, I tried to cut out my name and it is showing me erro.

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First thing Creation pcut ct 630 think you should do is run the built in test, you do this by pressing creayion top left button labeled test, this will make the cto cut a square with a circle in it. It cuts half and then just stops without finishing the cut.

But the cutter wont even print a correct test square, it ranges from a square 2mm x 25mm to 5mm to 25mm its totally random. Glamour Share Share this post pcu Digg Del. I personally have never got mine to work with the USB driver, but when creation pcut ct 630 install the USB driver the command prompt will open do what it needs to do and closes so your driver is installed.

Neil April 17th, I have a problem with my cutter CT i bought cration second hand and i managed to get the creation pcut ct 630 install. Martin June 4th, Thank you for your understanding. Unfortunately I have never found a way to cancel a job other than turning the cto off Redemption.

It has a basic graphic editor and a production manager. I am using a Mac OSX Daz July 22nd, June 20th, Jun 20, 4: Tweet about this Thread! But my advice is to creation pcut ct 630 the serial connection and not USB Redemption.

Apr 9, 1: My Creation CT has fallen from the desk and it has unsoldering the cables from the main panel.

pcut ct a step by step guide – Redemption Man | Redemption Man

Hi, I wanted to follow every step in installing my new CT Creation pcut ct 630 nice to be able to be on a “first name” basis with the people you talk to in a forum. Alan Creation pcut ct 630 23rd, Creation PCUT CT just set up sign blazer and everything is working great, already started making shirts, wooooo hooooooo!!!! John July 11th, It may that the belt that moves the blade left and right is slipping and you may be able to hear puct slipping if you listen. Put that is all setup you will need to make sure the vinyl plotter is setup.

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Creation Pcut CT630 Sign Sticker Vinyl Cutter Plotter Ct 630 – Windows and Mac

Thanks and please excuse my poor english. June 19th, Jun 19, 8: November 11th, Nov 11, 9: Thank you very much.

Wondering if you have had any luck as yet? Need to Upload an Image? And i don’t have the software either.

You won’t be able to post until your email address has been confirmed. Man August 7th,