There are still moments when one would just like to watch their favorite music video or movie on a DVD player but you will find that the videos have to be DVD format in order to play. To get the best entertainment possible when using a playback device that only supports DVD format videos, it is best that one converts these videos to this format. That is where the ConvertXtoDVD 4 software comes in. Regardless of the kind of video format that you have, it will convert it to DVD format right away. The interface is very simple to understand and all the necessary tools are there for you. In case you would like to edit the videos such as trimming or adding subtitles, ConvertXtoDVD will readily do it for you. Also, one can edit the aspect ratio of the video to one that would be best suited. Being a premium software means that you will have to download the ConvertXtoDVD 4 keygen to activate it.


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