Computer Fundamentals By P.K.Sinha PdfComputer science is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression, and mechanization of the methodical procedures (or algorithms) that underlie the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to information, whether such information is encoded as bits in a computer memory or transcribed in genes and protein structures in a biological cell. An alternate, more succinct definition of computer science is the study of automating algorithmic processes that scale. A central focus is on processes for handling and manipulating information. Computer science is a young discipline that is evolving rapidly from its beginnings in the 1940’s. As such it includes theoretical studies, experimental methods, and engineering design all in one discipline.
COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS BY P.K.SINHA is written to introduce its readers to important concepts in Computer Science. Computer Fundamentals is written in a manner that it can be used as a textbook for many introductory courses related to IT and Computer Science. The book has numerous illustrative diagrams, practical examples, chapter summaries, end-of-chapter questions, and a glossary of important terms. Beginners in computer science can refer to this book for guidance as it provides a clear idea about the working of the machine.
If you are just novice user and do not understand everything in computer operation then this book will be a great guide for you. Click the download button and get COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS BY P.K.SINHA PDF for free!


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