Codex Seraphinianus PdfToo many “scribes” gladly talk to you about a particular philosophical theory, discuss the state of contemporary literature and classics immortal greatness and dignity of one author and disadvantages of the other. But few people will talk about the dark recess of the literary process, unknown and rarely understood the culture of the so-called “strange books.” These books you will not find in libraries, about them are not written in newspapers, they do not give us examples of literary criticism. They seemed not be noticed, they are ignored. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that strange book – it is always a book with a question mark. People love the answers, clear and transparent structure meanings. People love a puzzle that they can solve. If things are different, the puzzle is often hated and rejected, because unsolved, she is the embodiment of the mockery of the human mind, his intellect and capacity. Strange books never give answers and rarely pose simple questions.
One of these strange books is CODEX SERAPHINIANUS. It is the story of another world, a kind of encyclopedia, provided with a plurality of incredible and fascinating illustrations. The text of encyclopedia utterly is mysterious, because it is written in an unknown language. This fictional world on nearly four hundred pages was created in the late ’70s by Italian artist Luigi Serafini.
Strangely enough, but this book is sold in bookstores and coasts quite not a little. But from the link below you can download CODEX SERAPHINIANUS PDF absolutely for free!


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