CIV 5 (Civilization V) is a very interesting game. Unlike other competitive games, CIV 5 is more goal oriented. The main objective is to lead a civilization right from the prehistoric period to the future age. The setting of the community is on a map that is procedurally developed. In order to develop one’s community, one has to make sure that they are in a position to achieve certain milestones along the way such as through exploration, research, military conquest, expansion and economic development. As a player, one has to make sure that they take their time in order to come up with the best suited developmental plans. There are several unique features that CIV 5 comes with unlike the previous games. For example, rather than going for the square tiles that the other games were using, it used hexagonal ones. These features coupled with the unique gameplay make it among the best games. One must however have an activation license key to play. Get the CIV 5 keygen here to activate your game.


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