Chava Kadambari in Marathi PDF

Chava Kadambari In Marathi PdfIndian writers always had their own writing style that differed from the whole world. Their culture, traditions and religion is quite different from other parts of the world so it is quite logic to see a difference in storytelling. There are various famous Indian writers, most of the use famous personalities from history and religion into their creations. So by reading Indian books you will most likely find out more about their history and mythology.

A famous writer in the Marathi language is Shivaji Sawant, which has written 9 books and 2 dramas over his life time. Shivaji Sawant started to write in his early 20’s when he worked as a teacher. Some of his works became renowned world-wide and were translated into various languages including English!


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One of his famous books can be pointed out the “Chava Kadambari”. In the book you will read the story about a Maratha warrior that lived in the seventeenth century. The story begins from the very beginning – his birth. Will be described where he was born and by whom was raised, and how the baby was exchanged as a political hostage. More drama and many turn-around events will come during the whole story. The ending won’t leave any reader disappointed!

Chava Kadambari in marathi PDF

If you got interested in reading another masterpiece written by the famous Indian writer in Marathi language – Shivaji Sawant then you came to the right place! By clicking on the button below you will download a pdf version of the “Chava Kadambari”. The download of the pdf book is absolutely free!

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