Chatpad Super DriverI want to introduce you to this awesome driver that will help you to connect a small keyboard to your controller. Chatpad Super Driver is a perfect software to combine these two devices. Only this driver has a solution to help you with connecting a small keyboard to Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepad. It is very convenient to type long messages or just chat with somebody via Xbox 360 using this amazing driver. With the help of Chatpad Super Driver you will be able to:

  • – Connect your small keyboard to XBOX 360 Gamepad
  • – Use your keyboard with XBOX 360 console
  • – Support your wired controller with a small keyboard

Stop typing long and complex messages with your controller. We have made this awesome driver specially for you to enjoy simple typing with Chatpad Super Driver. Just install it on Windows operating syster that your XBOX 360 is running and you are ready to go! We thought that it will be very useful for you to install this great driver on your console. Click the download button below and you will be able to type everything with the use of your mini-keyboard. This driver was tested a lot and it works perfectly fine with Xbox 360 and Windows operating system. Many users around the world are happy with installation of this support driver. They are saying that their lives became much more simple and less stressful. Check out the download link below and be sure to follow all the instructions to install this driver with no problems. Download it now and you will be able to type all sorts of messages with your small keyboard via Xbox 360.


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