Cele 50 De Vicii Ale Domnului Grey PdfFifty Shades of Grey is a great bestseller right now. I am sure that everybody heard of it. It was written in 2011 and it is an erotic romance by James. Author seems to like some BDSM and slave & master sex, because this story is all about it. Although this novel was written by a British author, it seems that everything is happening in the USA. You will hear a story about a young girl named Ana, that once met a beautiful mister Grey. She was just taking her friend’s place and interviewed Grey.
After the interview went very bad, Ana thought that she will never meet him again. But he finds her and they share their numbers. And then happens the same thing that was written in thousands books like this one – attraction and desires, passion and love, secrets and feeling. If you want to read something intimidating with lots of erotic scenes – you should try this book. It was sold with millions of copies around the world and even got its own movie.
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