Catull FontWhat makes computer versatile is that it has a very big database of fonts. Magazines and books are in a way limited in this matter, because not all digital fonts can be mechanically implemented, especially the handwritten ones are really tough to implement. And, the font database even nowadays gets bigger day by day, thanks to various graphical designers around the world that put their imagination and creativity into font creation. Most fonts are compatible with Latin based language, especially with English language. Some languages have their specific characters but fonts usually have them integrated, if not they usually are replaced with a square or with a close fitting character. Muslim and east Asian languages have their own fonts, because of radical differences in writing styles. Furthermore, Latin fonts are largely spread across the internet and are more in number compared to other ones. You can find various style fonts from simple straight line typeface to a glamorous handwritten style.


Among popular fonts can be undoubtedly name the Catull font. Why do you ask? Well, its most likely due to the fact that this font was used in creating the all-known Google logo! Yep, Google used the Catull font on its initial and current logo (that hasn’t changed much). The Catull font is an old style serif typeface that was designed by Gustav Jaeger in 1982.

If you can’t read texts written in Catull font than it is most likely that your system doesn’t have one. You can get a fresh version of the Catull font from our website by accessing the link below. The download is 100% free!