Castledown FontCASTLEDOWN FONT originally commissioned in 2011, as a bespoke typeface for Castledown Primary School by headmaster Neil Small, the project soon evolved into collaboration as a vision to unify typography throughout schools. Designers was feeling frustrated with the lack of choice of dyslexic friendly fonts and they decided to look into working to create their own font. They commissioned The Entente, Ant and Ed, two font and graphic designers to work with them and their children to come up with a Castledown Font. Designers carried out workshops, involved the children in learning about fonts and names and where they came from. They talked to the children about how to design a font, how to think carefully about sizing, capital letters and lowercase letters. Several weeks, months and meetings later they have completed the work and are proud of the family of fonts they created. The first versions of Castledown were released summer 2013 and the typeface has since been implemented throughout the school with a positive response from pupils and staff. CASTLEDOWN FONT is using for all school correspondence, letters and signs.
The full package of fonts contains a Regular and Bold, with corresponding Fun versions, Cursive as well as Instructional cuts and Dotted version for both learning and tracing.
You can get and use in your design operation CASTLEDOWN FONT absolutely for free! Just click «DOWNLOAD» and save it on your computer without any registration.