Casper U3 Web Camera DriverWebcam – is a small digital camera or camcorder, capable in real time to capture images intended for transmission over the Internet (in programs like Skype, Instant Messenger or any other video). Webcams, which are delivered images via the Internet, are pumped images to the web server or on request or continuously, or at regular intervals. This is achieved by connecting the camera to a computer or due to the capabilities of the camera. Some modern models have the hardware and software that allows the camera to work independently as a web server, FTP-server, FTP-client and to send images by e-mail. Webcam contains the lens, an optical filter, a CCD or CMOS image sensor, digital image processing scheme, the scheme of image compression, and optional web server to connect to the network. Many of today’s Web-cameras have similar functional characteristics and differ only in design and software supplied. The kit of a typical Web-camera includes:
• cable for connection to USB-interface;
• remote microphone with clip for attachment to clothing;
• desk stand;
• batteries for working offline.
Possibilities of application a web camera used to depend on its programs. For example, to communicate in the videochat need a program that supports video calls and video conferencing . Other programs for webcams allow you to use it as a surveillance camera to monitor the situation at home and in the office while you are away, and also have many other functions.
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