Casper Nirvana Nb 15.6 Wireless DriverNetbook – is a subnotebook with relatively low productivity, intended mainly for Internet access. Has a small screen sizes in the 7-12 inch, low-power, low weight and relatively low cost. For the first time the term netbook appeared in 1999 for the classification of the first handheld computers firm Psion, constructed with the help of the StrongARM with frequency of 190 MHz. In early 2005, started the project OLPC, the main idea was to create a compact netbook for students in developing countries. In early 2008, the term netbook was used by Intel in the designation of its ultra-cheap laptops with reduced screen sizes. Since then devices with screens from 7 to 11 inches began be called netbooks. In mid-2008, Intel introduced the Atom processor specifically designed for use in nettops and netbooks. New product was successful and by the end of the year the majority of companies specializing in the production of netbooks have switched to this processor. In today’s netbooks are using different operating systems on the basis of GNU / Linux and various modifications of the Windows XP Home Edition to Vista Business, however, the user is always possible to install any OS convenient for him. The main advantage of netbooks is their small size, which contributes to their easy transportation. Therefore, this device is very popular among students.
CASPER NIRVANA NB 15.6 is a good model of netbook from the Turkish company. If you could not to access WiFi network then download and install CASPER NIRVANA NB 15.6 WIRELESS DRIVER for free from the link below.