Casper Nirvana H36 DriverNotebooks and laptops have become everyday use items in this busy world. Many people are in need to have their documents always with them and to have the ability to view or edit them wherever they could be. Also, non-stop available connection to the internet is a fair bonus; checking email, Skype or other source that may have in stored important information is a great bonus. Other time, laptops have inherited multimedia support, meaning you can watch movies, list to your favorite music or play games. And the most important part of a laptop is that it is compact and portable! A laptop usually has a small size, for example a standard sized laptop can be easily put into a school bag, and its weight doesn’t go over 3 Kg. The main feature that makes laptops portable is the presence of an on-board Li-On rechargeable battery that can last of a minimum 2 up to 14 hours, depending on the batteries’ capacity.


Today the laptop market is dominated by large corporations such as HP, Asus, Lenovo, Apple etc. So, it is quite hard for new companies to enter this field. A young company that started recently in Turkey is Casper. They put an accent on laptop manufacturing and on of their products is Casper Nirvana H36. The laptop itself offers very good characteristic for its relative low price. Many people don’t even know the existence of such a company and don’t know what they’re missing! The owners of the Casper Nirvana H36 are mostly satisfied with their product.

The stock software of Casper Nirvana H36 is quite unrefined; therefore the company released a driver that resolves some know compatibility issues. You can download the Casper Nirvana H36 driver directly from our website by clicking on the button below. The download is absolutely free!

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