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Carelink Usb DriverMedtronic Corporation is a worldwide leader in medical devices manufacturing, installation and support. The company itself is stationed in the United States, but its devices are spread worldwide and help millions of people around the globe, treating their diseases and returning their healthy everyday life. Medtronic offers a large specter of devices from simple meters up to complex operational systems, and covers many medical aspects. Furthermore, they also offer various medical software. For example, the CareLink is professional software that helps a family doctor to monitor diabetes progression of his patient. Each time the patient injects a certain amount of insulin and measuring the insulin pump via CONTOUR NEXT LINK meter from Bayer or the COUNTOUR NEXT LINK 2.4 meter, the information gathered by these devices can be analyzed by the CareLink software and calculating an optimal future treatment for the patient in case. This makes the doctors work easier and more accurate, because the gathered data cannot be falsified, so he knows the exact current state of the patient.

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The software itself is usually preinstalled on a genuine USB released by Medtronic itself. The CareLink USB can be connected to any Windows or MacOS computer. The only thing is that some versions of operational systems won’t start the software or won’t even recognize the attached USB; in this case you should install a genuine CareLink USB driver! Our database contains this driver and by clicking on the button below you can download it. The download is 100% free!

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