If you are looking for a new and interesting font to make your designs containing text impress your clients, you must try Bodoni MT font. This is a cool and stylish font that was designed by Giambattista Bodoni more than 200 hundred years ago. Bodoni was perhaps inspired by the typeface designed by John Baskerville though he made changes to it by increasing stroke contrast and by making it more vertical. Bodoni continued with his experiments and his later styles in this typeface are referred to as modern whereas the earlier style is dubbed as transitional. Bodoni MT font is categorized as serif font that is regular. These days there are several digital versions of this font that people find difficult to read. But the fact is that this font is clean and crisp and it can be easily read from a distance. This is the reason why it is so popular among advertisers and even book publishers who use it on the cover of their books. There is even a poster variant of this font that is widely used on posters and banners these days. If you are a designer, you will find this font to be very flexible as you can use it in many different projects.