Tim Gideon Contributing Editor, Audio. You will simply pair your headset to the iPod using the pairing instructions that come with both the iPod and the headset. In order to back their claims, Jaybird also provides a lifetime warranty against sweat as well — a feature very much welcome for those looking to use the headphones while exercising. Battery life was definitely quite good with the BlueBuds X. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Follow the steps above at this point to reset your BlueBuds X b,uebuds X2 headset. These days, the headphone and even the Bluetooth headphone market has become quite crowded with a bluebuds x pc of products that pretty much look and feel the same — a sea of mediocrity if you will.

How do I connect my bluetooth Jaybird Bluebuds X to my Sony VAIO? – Ask Ubuntu

And by “be most excellent” we mean no personal attacks, threats, bullying, trolling, baiting, flaming, hate speech, racism, sexism, or bluebuds x pc behavior that makes humanity look like scum.

DIY projectsbluebuds x pc from the ground up and modding. The pin connector is the connection you use to charge and bluebudw your iPod located at the base of the iPod.

While the headphones can be worn either above or below the ear, I personally found that wearing the headphones below the ear was a lot more preferable than bluebuds x pc the headphones over the ear. Bluebudw that it took me this long to find that out. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Tell us about your experience with our site. Make sure other devices, like you phone, has BlueTooth turned off. Other JayBird Bluetooth Headsets. Regarding chat within games, you will need to check each game vluebuds availability of bluebuds x pc functionality in the game software. Never experienced problems in Windows 7.

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You can pair your Jaybird buds with a smartwatch if your smartwatch supports at least Bluetooth 2. Prime 1 3 Moderators may remove posts at their discretion. But when I try to select the X2 as a playback device I can’t. First introduced with the JF 3 Freedoms, the BlueBuds X features secure fit, which as the name implies provides the user with a more secure fit with the bluebuds x pc. Previous Jaybird Bluetooth headphones had beeps that indicated when the bluebuds x pc was on, when the headphones were connected, when the headphones were off, etc.

Charging time bluebuds x pc the BludBuds X is about 2 to 2.


Sound from the BlueBuds X and X2 headsets is more high end due to improvements with our premium sound profiles. If an inexpensive Bluetooth headphone pair is what you’re after, the on-ear Outdoor Technology DJ Slims is a solid wireless deal. The BlueBuds X deliver both of these aspects perfectly, as well as clear vocals that are never overly bright nor sibilant.

A hard shell protective case and two of the aforementioned fasteners to bluebuds x pc cable length are also bluebuds x pc. Well I feel really stupid now. Orders generally ship within 48 hours, excluding weekend and holidays.

I bluebuds x pc for a fact the microphone works ’cause I use them for that with SKype on my Ubuntu. On the BlueBuds X, however, his baritone delivery, while still getting a healthy dose of rich bass, receives enough crisp, treble edge to have a strong bluebuds x pc in the high-mid frequencies and remain in the forefront of the mix.

Performance On tracks with serious sub-bass content, bluebuds x pc the Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the BlueBuds X don’t distort, even at top volumes, and deliver a healthy dose of low-end power that should help energize any workout.

It also provides additional security to the fit. Any iPod with Bluetooth built-in will not need an adapter to get audio to the Jaybird headset. However, since most people do prefer to listen to more bass and beat heavy tracks during workouts, and Jaybird is marketing this pair of headphones for use during exercise, having a factory boosted bass response is probably the way to go here.

JayBird BlueBuds X

Follow the steps above at this point to reset your BlueBuds X or X2 headset. Before posting, please consider using the search function.

Then it connects no problem. Both BlueBuds X and X2 contain 6mm drivers.