Bioshock is a first person shooter video game that is developed by Irrational Games. Though initially just available for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 platforms, it was later available on other platforms such as PlayStation. The setting of BioShock is in 1960 where the main character is Jack. The player get to control Jack after his plane crushes near a terminus that leads to an underground city. The city is isolated but is host to ADAM, a plasmid that grants super powers. Jack has to try survive and fight his way out. He has to battle ADAM obsessed enemies. Through the game, Jack also gets to learn more about Rapture especially its past. There is also an element of role playing that is included into the BioShock game. There are also several abilities and power-ups that the player gets to pick up along the way. The BioShock Keygen available here should help in activating your copy of the game.