Bhulekh Oriya FontThe Oriya language comes from the indo-european language family and is spoken by over 35 million residents of the Indian state – Odisha. The Oriya language is situated among the 23 official languages of India and has its own handwriting. The language itself is quite similar the the Bengal and Assamese languages. The Oriya language handwriting is included in the Brahma writing group. Although, it is one of the 23 official languages from India, many informational sources are written in this language. As statistics say around 570 periodical publications are written in the Oriya language, in which are included 56 daily, 104 weekly and 237 monthly. Not all computers will support the display of this language. Indian is different from Latin, therefor the system will unlikely support certain fonts from the Indian language family. Instead of letters you will see squares. This is quite frustrating for Indian people that come abroad and are using local computers.


The Oriya font language is quite similar with other two languages that were described above and may support other types of fonts, therefor by downloading and installing the Bhulekh Oriya font, you will have no problems visualizing and reading the Oriya language. By clicking on the button below you will download the Bhulekh Oriya font package, after the download is finished you will have to copy or move the downloaded file into your machine’s system folder. After the operation is complete all your text editors and viewers will support this language. The download is absolutely free!