Bell F12 Bike Computer ManualA bike computer is a small electronic device attached to your bicycle. Many models now come with a small solar-energy cell that powers the device in conjunction with a battery backup. A basic computer will provide you with your speed (current, maximum and average), how far you have cycled and how long you have been cycling. More complicated models will provide you with your pedal rate (cadence), heart rate, power output, calorie consumption, the gradient of hills, your rate of climb and the temperature. And if it is a GPX unit it will provide you with mapping, route directions and compass headings as well. Recording your times over a set course is a simple way of seeing if your fitness is improving and can be achieved with a basic computer. The more complicated computers can take this to a higher level using heart rate and power output information to track fitness progression.
The Bell F12 is an inexpensive computer that can be used for joy rides or kids getting used to a bike computer. Its features are:
• Surprisingly affordable and versatile bike computer has 12 functions to track while you’re riding
• Easy to install and weather-resistant
• Current speed, average speed, max speed, miles and kilometers per hour, speed, and distance
• Odometer, trip distance, trip timer, 12- and 24-hour clock, scan, and auto stop/start
• One-button cell battery is included
For proper use of the device read the instruction guide by downloading the BELL F12 BIKE COMPUTER MANUAL for free from the link below!


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