Bcm21553 Thunderbird DriverTetering – is the use of mobile phone as an access point of other devices to the network services of data transmission from network operator. In this case, the mobile phone acts as a modem and a router for connected devices. Connection of device to a mobile phone can be performed wirelessly (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), or through a wired channel (USB). Tetering began to be used to provide Internet access as long as the mobile operators have started to offer its network to access the Internet, and phone software could provide the routing of traffic between two or more devices connected to it.
Despite the fact that many organizations are deploying public Wi-Fi network, not all permit access to third-party users, thus tetering today is particularly relevant and useful technology. It supports a variety of mobile operating systems. Many business people “bind” their mobile phones to PDAs in cases where employers do not pay for the cost of the smartphone, but fully compensate the cost of a cell, or when on the cell is more favorable tariff. Users who connect to the Internet can thus gain access to the Internet from any place where mobile communication is available.
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