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Bared to You is an erotic adult novel written by Sylvia Day. It is a novel that depicts the personal lives of two young executives in their mid twenties. Eva Tramell is a survivor of sexual abuse that she suffered in her childhood. She finds it difficult to suppress her childhood abuse. She meets billionaire Gideon Cross and becomes attracted to him.

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Gideon himself has suffered from sexual abuse as a child. Both of them have to reconcile with their troubled past to embark upon a healthy relationship. Download Bared to You Sylvia Day free from here and enjoy this bestselling novel.

Bared To You – Sylvia Day eBook


  1. I like to read all sorts of trilogies, especially about love. Last time I read “50 shades of gray”. Girlfriends at the forum advised this author. The works are very similar. But there are several questions.
    What happened to Megumi?
    Was there a wedding and when was it?

  2. Hmm.. unfortunately, I couldn’t read it till the end. The book is well written and looks like a good version of Fifty Shades of Grey, but… it isn’t a love story, it’s just description of sexual scenes and acts, sometimes too funny and too close to fantasy

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