Bamboo Fun Cte-650 DriverIncredibly, only some 25 years ago, PC users in the work could manage without the use of any graphic manipulators, because in those prehistoric times, almost everything was done with the keyboard. The emergence of a variety of computer manipulators – mice, trackballs, and then graphics tablets, completely spoiled the user – now, leave him without a mouse, not everyone will remember the “hot keys” program settings. Most people are remarkably controlled with a mouse. Although sometimes its opportunities are not enough to do something like drawing.
Wacom tablets are for advanced PC users and Mac, who want to improve the skills of creative work on the computer for personal use or as a hobby. Stylish and versatile BAMBOO FUN CTE-650 by simple and direct way reveals the computer’s capabilities what means of self-expression. Creativity – is the ability to express ourselves. The product features
• 2 formats: A5 Wide (Medium) and A6 Wide (Small)
• The Touch Ring with backlight for scrolling and zooming
• Four customizable ExpressKeys for frequently used functions
• The working surface, which creates a feeling of drawing on a real piece of paper
• Mode to scroll window content to 360 degrees for faster moving within the document
• Ergonomic pen without batteries
• Multifunctional pen stand
• Detachable USB-cable for greater mobility
All these amazing possibilities you can get with the graphic tablet. Just download the BAMBOO FUN CTE-650 DRIVER from the link below and it will be a unique tool for self-expression!