Bamboo Ctl-470 DriverWACOM is positioning itself as a world leader in pen tablets, the inventor of a new input devices sensitive pen. The company’s mission – is to create a new level of harmonic interaction between man and computer. The company successfully implements its fundamental problems, creating new solutions that facilitate and improve the work of people allowing using digital technologies for various applications and for any users. Every day we are more and more often use a variety of technology in our daily lives. And this cannot be avoided. Some technologies greatly simplify our lives. The task of tablets Bamboo – make the use of the most complex and sophisticated technologies as simple as possible and natural. Why drawing and creating sketches on a computer or phone cannot be as easy as on a piece of paper?
BAMBOO CTL-470 is designed for almost all people: for those who want to add personality to everything that they do in the digital world, for those who loves to chat with friends and write blogs, for those who likes to draw and is engaged in design, or just for those who want to express themselves. Features:
• Advanced pen technology
• Pressure-sensitive pen tip
• Ergonomic pen without batteries with two buttons
• Simulating a paper the tablet surface with 16:10 aspect ratio
• Mirror-symmetrical design of the tablet – for righties and lefties
• Special pen holder for convenient storage of its
• Easy connection via USB-port
Download BAMBOO CTL-470 DRIVER and come out to a new level of the art!