Bamboo Ctl 470 DriverFor some people art is a form expression and it can be literally anything. Some people try to show themselves through drawings, others through music. The only limitation in art is of course the imagination of the creator itself. Having the right ideas and the vision how to implement them is the key to any successful creation. If a person is passionate in drawing then he has to have the right tools to ensure a creative work pace. In the past all artists used as instruments special papers and specific drawing tools, which was efficient yet was limited in possibilities. Nowadays it is possible to expand the general view of drawing with the current hi-tech technologies. A device that can help potential and full-fledged artists to implement their ideas in various ways is the graphic tablet.


On the current market various companies offer their versions of graphic tablet with different specifications and a certain price. From all these, the customer must choose what device covers his requirements for a fair price. Among these you can find the Bamboo Connect CTL470 which can serve a perfect pick for most newly in growth artists. The tablet itself is quite simple and offers few but important features to the user, which is enough for a certain period of time.

The Bamboo CTL470 can be connected to your computer via USB port to transfer data between the two devices. Upon the first connection it will require installation of its genuine driver. The Bamboo CTL470 driver can be downloaded from this site by clicking on the link below. The download is 100% free!

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