Awll6075 DriverNowadays, most people who use computers access the Internet on a regular basis, which means computers need to be connected to the Internet at all times. When the Internet was just getting off its feet, computers needed to be directly connected to the telephone line or cable line providing the Internet service; however, as technology has advanced, routers and other devices have allowed users to connect a number of computers or devices to one Internet source and have even allowed users to connect to the Internet wirelessly. In order to connect to a wireless network, computers and printers must have wireless adapters. These adapters can be internal or external, and there are pros and cons to both varieties. The most commonly used external Wi – Fi adapters connect to the computer via a USB port while internal wireless adapters connect directly to the computer’s motherboard.
AWLL6075 is a USB Wireless Adapter with a mini design that can be held in your pants pocket. The device is great for environments with the need for high-speed wireless data traffic. The key features are:
• Higher data rate and boarder coverage with Wireless N technology
• Enhanced security encyption provides full protection for your wireless connection
• Easy Setup Button for easy connection to the existing wireless network
• Mini-size compact design for greater flexibility
• Fully backward compatible with 802.11b/g
• RoHS compliant
• Works best with Airlink101 Wireless N products
Download the AWLL6075 DRIVER and be connected always and everywhere!