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1Opanda IExifPro 2.3 is a professional EXIF viewer in Windows and IE Firefox. It is the best choice to view EXIF, GPS, and IPTC for the shutterbug, photo editor, photographer and much more. It includes all features of Opanda iexfi and helps and supporting the TIFF image format. It also supports JPEG, TIFF image format along with EXIF Templet File. It also supports all EXIF 2.

It also supports 21 standards, ITPC/NAA news image record, GPS information record, Location satellite map by GPS data, TIPP6 along with extending the EXIF software tag, a special tag of a company including Canon, Sony, Sigma, Nikon, Fujifilm and much more. Web browsers supported include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox in order to display a thumbnail and into information.

It is not only single software but also a plug-in of Internet Explorer. The free download version also provides a lot of information. It allows accessing hidden information in relation to your images. When you take a digital photograph, the image gets saved into the memory of your camera. That file will include not only the image but also the information about the same.

This program will also show you the GPS as well as IPTC information of each and every image. That can be easily modified with the help of the Photographer, Editor and GPS features of the Opanda Power EXIF editor.


5In the present workplaces, identity has become an issue of safety and security of the entire company and the entities attached to it. This is why various types of measures have been adopted by the employers to invigilate and control the inflow and outflow of identities in the premises of the company. There are various types of groundbreaking measures that serve the purpose aptly. When there is a need for restricted access to the sensitive zones or information chambers these measures are used. Safran Morpho MSO 1300 is one of the provisions used by various companies these days.

Safran Morpho MSO 1300 driver is thus essential for the installation of the program that handles the biometric reading and analysis part of the identification. If the driver is not appropriate, then the process of security cannot be initiated. If anyhow the provided driver is missing, then it can be easily downloaded from the online platforms without any hassle and can be used to solve the problem. The certified device can only perform well and unhindered if only the driver is compatible with the machine. Download the right version and install them for safe and swift access and add speed in the work process.


4The complex businesses are running smoothly due to the aid of the enterprise resource planning or ERP software. There are various things to take care of a business which can be easily done with the help of the software. One of the greatest software of the same class is Tally 5.4. Almost every type of industry, irrespective of genre and volume, uses this magnificent and versatile software to take care of the enterprise and the aspects linked to it. The platform provides a complete solution for any type of business. From inventory to account management, Tally can handle them all. In fact, Tally can be configured as per usage and necessity or a company.

The most important feature of this eminent enterprise handling tool is that with a basic knowledge of English, accounting, and business, Tally can be operated by anyone. Tally 5.4 full version is easily available in the online websites to download for free and can be used without any licensing problem. The links are quite trustworthy and do not have any content that will harm the computer. The software can be used in primitive PCs also. Download the elegant creation today and generate reports and manage resources instantaneously.


3During the course of senior schooling, the students need special attention and books to back the curriculum of studying. Sometimes it is not possible to carry the books every time you go somewhere, but you can devoid yourself from the regular regimen of studies. Chemistry is a particular subject that needs to be studied and brushed properly so that the concepts are built perfectly and the foundation is strong. In order to reach that level, a student might need the help of different books in the particular area. Among other famous and recommended books, O P Tandon’s Organic Chemistry by far is the superior book to score great in the subject.

The subjective, as well as the objective questions apart from the intelligent theoretical approach of the book, makes a student very perceptive about Organic Chemistry which also helps him or her to appear in the national level competitive exams for engineering and medical courses. O P Tandon organic chemistry eBook is available on the online websites for the convenience of the science students. The links are harmless and trustworthy. The book is of very convenient size and completes the necessity of the students in all aspects. Download the eBook now and study anywhere, anytime you want.


2The printers from Epson have Waste Ink Counters (WIC) which does the counting part of the printing operations. This WIC is present in almost all inkjet printers from the pioneer and has a certain value. When the value is reached eventually the printing stops or hampered and causes a problem at work. When the waste ink counters are overflow they need to be reset to start the printing process again. The issue can be easily resolved by a certified Epson engineer, but the process might take longer than you expect. This is why Epson WIC reset key generator is the best option you can avail to do the job all by yourself without any hassle.

The key generator is capable of reading the value in the WIC when there is a problem. When the value has reached almost 100% the tool allows resetting the value to zero by generating a key. The platform is capable to clean the print head, check the color and nozzle and also allows a user to test paper feed. This key generator will do the charm and you do not have to seek any professional advice which might cost and take more time to fix the issue.


1Winsock is eminent software through which the entire internet traffic merges. The short form of Windows Socket is Winsock. The data is passed in the form of packets. The software cannot be edited easily unless there is an external platform that allows a user to do the same. Winsock Packet Editor (WPE) is typical and popular software that allows a user to sniffle, send, edit and filter packets of data through Winsock.

This tool or software is required by the gamers who play multiplayer games and need to reorganize the Winsock for interruption-free gaming. WPE Pro free is the best solution that the gamers can afford for the particular purpose. This tool allows the modification of the packet values at the TCP level. The data are properly modified before the destination is reached. The packets can be even recorded and aptly analyzed. It is also used by testing applications (client and web) to establish proper socket connections.

WPE Pro free version is available online on various websites from where it can be downloaded and installed. The antivirus may recognize it as a Trojan but it will not harm the computer. The links are absolutely safe and do not contain any malicious content.


1The car driving game popular as “City Car Driving” is the new car simulator specifically designed to help users get the fun experience of car driving in а big city, or at the countryside in different conditions. Now with the serial number available online the users can easily receive their serial number to unlock the game and enjoy the amazing graphics environment without a single crack formed in the system while you or any other gamer is playing the game. Mostly the city car driving serial number generator will help to avoid the future trouble. Using this no-need-to-worry-about the game codes, nor will no cracks be formed in a system, but also, they will take care of the vivid gaming experience.

Now all the doubts have been solved out with the City Car Driving Serial Number Keygen. The car simulator “City Car Driving” isn’t a free game. If one wishes to use it, then they must buy a serial number in order to have access to it. Having quite a number of issues before without this City Car Driving now, after coming to the market is winning hearts. Now easily generate a serial number and enjoy the very stimulating “City Car Driving” game which provides a variety of road situations and utmost realistic car driving.


8ABBYY FineReader is master optical character recognition software that is used in professional fields. This versatile software is capable of converting any image document of paper into an editable format so that the text conversions can be used, searched or edited for various purposes.

The locked PDF files, scanned documents, or any kind of images that have texts can be easily converted to editable files for the convenience of the user. The proper use of this software will remove the requirement of guided rewriting which takes huge time and resources to accomplish. The paper records can be converted to soft copies with 98% accuracy keeping every aspect of the document intact. ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional Edition Keygen allows a user to use the platform without any hassle as all the features are unlocked and the software becomes totally legal. The activation codes are very useful to make the platform fully functional and legit. The interface becomes even better and convenient for the users.

The activation code generator is available in the legit websites. It is very easy to use and does not require any kind of training to activate the software. When the steps are properly followed the activation process is accomplished without any interruption.


7CorelDraw is one of the most popular software used by the professional designers across the world. It has great features that give shape to any imagination very easily. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 is a one stop solution platform that is very useful to a designer, but sometimes the features are locked due to the lack of the activation code.

Corel Draw X8 Keygen is vastly available on the various websites on the internet with which the CorelDraw versions can be activated and all the features can be enjoyed without any possibility of expiring. With the fully activated product, one can enjoy the vast world of graphics creation and photo editing. Creating and editing websites are also possible with the provided tools.

The key generator generates a crack that allows the user to enable all the locked facilities of the platform and can use it for a lifetime for creating logos, brochures, banners, buttons and many other professional with high precision and quality. It is possible to produce industry quality, creativity even in the home studio with these unleashed features. The product works in 32 bit and 64 bit Windows (10 to Vista) operating system and demands a space of 1.5 GB on the hard drive.


6There are important personal documents, files, and devices that need to be locked when there is a chance of trespassing into the personal zone. Folder Lock 7 is great software that provides a user a robust, safe where he or she can keep important files and folders on the computer very safely. The software is very useful and does not allow any type of interference from anyone unauthorized. The software is also capable of locking hard drives, CD, DVD and USB drives like the soft files in the computer. Any unauthorized person will be unable to open the files via a different computer even if they have the hard drives or storage devices with them.

The trial versions need to be unlocked with the help of the registration key so that it becomes free for a lifetime and the updates can be accessed. To do this you need folder lock 7 serial number generator which will generate an unlimited number of keys that will unlock the full potential of the software and all the features will be unleashed. The serial number generator can be downloaded from the online links which are absolutely safe and trustworthy. Get the generator now and keep your personal safe and secure.