Asterix And The Picts PdfAs you may know I am a huge fan of Astetix and Obelix series. This book has given me lots of great memories and emotions. If you are following this series of books, you know that there are more than 20 books which are talking about this Viking that goes by the name of Asterix. It is a small but very smart guy that loves his village and people that he lives with. But the important part of the story is that they are always being attacked by someone. Romans, barbarians, Goths, Egyptians. All their foes are coming to the village and Asterix manages to beat them in some way.
After few books in the series Asterix gets a friend, his partner in all his future adventures – Obelix. Obelix is a huge guy that happens to be very strong and kind. These two are taking a huge adventure across the globe. But the most important part is that they have their strength because of the magic elixir that one alchemist from their village produces. The funny part is that when Obelix was a little boy, he fell into a pot with potion, so that he is always that strong. But when he drinks a bit more, he becomes just unbeatable!
One of the most interesting books from this series is called Asterix And The Picts Pdf. To read it, you will have to download it from my blog. Just click the download button and you will have your own copy of Asterix And The Picts Pdf for absolutely free. Check out all the series too, these books are just magnificent and very funny to read.


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