Asterism FontFor computer were introduced a large amount of fonts, the first generations were quite… square. The System and Terminal fonts were the only ones used for some time, but after that were introduced more round and stylish ones, yet still remained the sensation that you were reading a robot made text. If the context itself was of creative literature it will be at the place to introduce the proper font, more handwritten style. This was hard to achieve for a long time, because handwritten letters must interconnect between themselves. But with the appearance of complex graphic editors like Photoshop, creating a font became easier than pie, the only limitation for the author was his imagination. And so, through time were created more complex and stylish fonts that little by little resembled handwritten style.


Throughout the internet you can find various types of fonts, some eccentric, some square, others exotic. And we would like to present to you the Asterism font. Asterism font is a handwritten, calligraphic and decorative typeface created by Dathan Boardman and Molly Jacques Erickson. The font itself appears at first sight exaggeratedly eccentric, but after some time you will understand its beauty. The Asterism font will perfectly fit in any love, biography or drama text, underlining the entity of the presented context.

To use the Asterism font in your text editor you can download it from our site by clicking on the button below. After the download you must copy the font into your system folder and it will be available in all your text editors. The download is 100% free!