11Quantitative aptitude test for CAT can be prepared by using the popular books of Arun Sharma. Students can make use of this to get better results. Apart from CAT exam, this book is useful for other exams also. People seeking for the employment they can use this book for getting best results in the eLitmus exam. The companies like IBM and Infosys have some of the few reasoning and aptitude questions where this type of questions is found in the Arun Sharmas book. If people need this book they can purchase or they can download the pdf freely.

It is always good to learn and practice from the hard copy compared to soft copy. But most of the student prefers to learn in soft copy because the cost spends on hard copy is more than the cost spend to get soft copy. Students can download the Quantitative aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma from the internet by using the specific link.

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